Frequently asked questions


How long will you be with us on the wedding day?

Preparations... This is a great place to start with all the detail shots and capture the excitement of the morning with your bridesmaids and those close to you! Consider setting some time aside for some portraits with family and your bridal party before you depart for the ceremony?

Ceremony... Consider any grooms party/family shots you might also like here? Then once everyone is seated and the bride arrives, it’s a lovely chance to photograph the bride and the bridal party before the ceremony. You may want to use your ceremony location for some group pictures afterwards and the confetti shot – if you do then remember to factor this into your timings.

Drinks reception & pictures... Try to allow 1 ½ to 2 hours for your drinks reception as then you won’t feel rushed when shooting your groups and couple portraits. It will give you plenty of time to chat with your guests and enjoy your canapés and drinks.

Group shots... These should only take around a maximum of 30 minutes, as although they are lovely to have, you don’t want to spend most of your drinks reception posing and missing out…

Couple portraits... This is one of my favourite parts of the day as we can go for a walk with the two of you for your couple portraits… A lovely part of the day with a chance for you two to catch up with yourselves and chat over the days events so far… Again, I would suggest a max of 30 mins

Wedding breakfast... This is a perfect opportunity for candid shots of guests and also wonderful to capture your introduction as bride & groom…

Speeches... Always a fun part of the day! Great chance to catch the laughter, smiles and tears! Such a great job to capture the reactions of the wedding party and guests…

Evening reception... Brilliant! This is the part of the day when your guests really let their hair down and so much fun capturing the cake cutting before you take to the dance floor for you first dance!

Why can wedding photography seem expensive?

There are a lot of things to consider but the main reasons are - Equipment and insurance - A photographer should be using top flight cameras and lenses to capture your day perfectly. We also have full public liability insurance, together personal indemnity insurance. All these costs do add up and means a true professional does have to charge a premium to make sure they are offer you the best level of service and beautiful images of your special day. There is also the time spent shooting & editing - When you add up meeting times (both at our location and at your venue) test shoot, your wedding itself and then post shoot editing, it'll be around 30hrs work. When you divide that by the cost of the package, it's not quite so scary.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. I like to offer straight-forward pricing, with no hidden extras. This allows you to create the perfect photography package for your wedding at the right price. Things like colour correction/post editing are included in the price of my attendance.

Do you charge VAT on top of your prices?

No, the prices listed are inclusive of VAT.

How long should we schedule for photography on our wedding day?

You would be wise to consider putting an hour and a half, to two hours aside for your drinks reception and photography. This would give you time to take all your group shots, couple shots and still have time with your guests before dinner without needing to rush.

Photographers seem to offer different styles of photography, what is the difference?

Formal – The images are of traditional/posed style. Reportage – Documenting the day through candid images, with less posing. I like offer a mixture of both styles in order to perfectly capture the days events.

Why would I need a second photographer to attend our wedding?

A second photographer would enable wider coverage of your day, perhaps covering groom preparation as well as the bridal, or if you have 100 or more guests. It allows us to tell your wedding story from different perspectives, such as during the ceremony and speeches. Ultimately you will have more choice of photos for your album. Normal second photographer attendance is between 4-6 hours depending on your main photography package.

Why is it best to have our pre wedding meeting at the venue?

Familiarity with the venue and its grounds can save a lot of time on the wedding day. We will already have an idea of the best locations to do group shots and scouted out secluded areas for images of the Bride and Groom alone. This pre wedding meeting will normally take place on the week of the wedding, so we can plan around the weather forecast and any ideas will stay fresh in mind ready for the wedding itself.

How long will it take to receive our images/album?

You will receive a usb and a weblink to your images within 28 days of your wedding. An album/book can take around a week to design ready for approval and then two to three weeks to be printed.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

Pictures can be taken indoors, between showers and meeting at the venue helps us to plan for all types of weather ready for your wedding day.

What is your back up plan if you are ill; who will photograph our wedding?

In the unlikely event that I cannot attend I will use one of my professional associates to take my place.

What is your cancellation policy?

We take a holding deposit of £250 when you book which is transferable to another date but unfortunately is non refundable for out right cancellation of a wedding, unless I can book another wedding on that date.


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